Will You Give Us a Seat at the Table?

As we approach the Christmas holidays, we can’t help thinking back to our Thanksgiving. Uncle Ed likes white meat; cousin Megan dark meat. Oh yes, can’t forget the onion casserole. And we must remember to get a highchair for little Chrissy. Let’s not forget that Aunt Beth needs someone to pick her up. And we need to make the dining room table bigger. Where did we put those extension slats?

It’s all so busy but so exciting – great food, familiar conversation. Catching up with those we haven’t seen in a while. And, at the center of all of it, thanking the Lord for all He has provided.

Could I ask you, in this season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as you gather with family and friends this year, to “give FTL a seat at the table?” To remember Freedom to Lead International in your prayer as you sit down to eat?

I don’t know about your family, but after a sumptuous holiday dinner, one of the “blessings” I look forward to are the leftovers! Honestly, I think great meals are even better after they’ve had opportunity to sit in the fridge for a day or two.

Think about it. Leftovers are in no way an after-thought. They’re deliberate; meant for extending the joy of a bounteous past blessing. So, how about some spiritual leftovers? How about taking from this year’s bounteous provision the Lord has spread on your table and investing a generous portion of it with Freedom to Lead International to build leaders?

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming. You can extend the blessing to future leaders in South Asia and Africa with a deliberate and bounteous gift.

Freedom to Lead International is being inundated by appeals from ministry networks that need to raise up strong Christ-centered leaders who will plant churches in difficult places. Because there is a greater likelihood that strong Christ-centered leaders will lead healthier churches. And healthy churches have a better chance of drawing more people to Christ and having a positive impact in their communities.

We never know how many “shopping days” are left between now and Christmas, and between us and eternity. But with your investment, many more people will have a better chance to hear the greatest story ever told.

We’re so very thankful for you! It is with partners like you that we are able to mold men and women of influence into Christ-centered leaders.

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