Leading with Song

Using Music to Grow Leaders

What is your favorite hymn? Recently on Facebook, a question was raised. It was a simple question, really. “What is your favorite hymn? The pull-at-your-heartstrings kind of favorite hymn?” Thinking it would get lost in the plethora of political squabbles and cute kitten videos, I didn’t think anyone would respond.

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The Narrow Path to Peace (Song)

Teaching About Peacemaking Through Song Today we’d like to feature a song from Freedom to Lead International®‘s (FTL) most recent trip to Bamako, Mali. It is here where indigenous musicians developed culture specific songs to go along with FTL’s leadership development module on Peacemaking.

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The Shadow of a Leader (Song)

Today’s song was created in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire by a team of Bete musicians. I continue to be amazed at the Bete’s use of vocal harmonies as a dominant feature in their music. (Many cultural groups in West Africa use little or no vocal harmony at all).

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Storycentric Arts

Here is an example of how the use of songs in The Garden Project cultivates competent Christ-centered leaders.
This song comes from the Oriya people of Orissa, India where Freedom to Lead’s Song Development Team will be working in September. You can hear the clear rhythmic groove and the refined vocal inflection of this chant-like song in Oriya “classical style.” The instruments include the nal (local double-headed drum) and dara (tambourine).

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Spiritual Leadership: Back to India and Nepal

This month (starting October 6) Freedom to Lead International® will be back in India and Nepal! During our time there we will be doing various events throughout the region, culminating October 22-24 with our final leadership development module on Spiritual Leadership.  This module will complete Phase 1 of our ministry in India and Nepal.  We anticipate great things as we go from this place. The Story is not finished yet.

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Leadership Matters

We believe that leaders make a huge difference in people's lives.