Storycentric Arts

Freedom to Lead collaborates with indigenous musicians to produce original songs in local languages that enhance learning about Christ-centered leadership.

August 27, 2018

Here is an example of how the use of songs in The Garden Project cultivates competent Christ-centered leaders.
This song comes from South Asia where Freedom to Lead’s Song Development Team will be working in September. You can hear the clear rhythmic groove and the refined vocal inflection of this chant-like song in Oriya “classical style.” The instruments include the nal (local double-headed drum) and dara (tambourine).

The song lyrics are in four sections, with each section telling a different part of the redemption story. Through this four-part story leaders are reminded that God is redeeming all things to himself. This is a lesson they learned through memorizing, discussing, interacting with, and dramatizing various biblical stories as part of The Garden Project curriculum from Freedom to Lead.

The following is a basic outline of what the song is about:

Part 1: The story of creation from Genesis 1
And everything was good and as it should be

Part 2: The story of the fall from Genesis 3
And everything is fallen as it is

Part 3: The story of redemption taken Colossians 1 and 2 Corinthians 5
And now the redemption of all things is what can be

Part 4: The story of final fulfillment from Revelation 22
And everything becomes complete as it will be.

The Oriya man singing has a rich, mature voice and said this song was very powerful for him. “It is the kind of song you sing with your whole heart,” he said.

This song is part of an innovative leadership development curriculum from Freedom to Lead International (FTL). This curriculum enables storycentric leaders to develop critical leadership competencies regardless of their literacy level. FTL’s mission is to cultivate competent, Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash their potential for impacting local communities with the whole gospel.