Using story to develop competent Christ-centered leaders for healthier communities.

There is a leadership crisis. A critical need exists for Christ-centered men and women who can lead their organizations with compassion and effectiveness.


Leaders – good ones and bad ones – impact everyone. We all are affected by what leaders do, what they leave undone, and the decisions they make. This is why we are fervently committed to raise up leaders who are being set free from unhealthy leadership examples to lead like Jesus.

We’re on a mission to fill this critical need for Christ-centered leaders.

We focus on ten Christ-centered leadership competencies. Many of these competencies are familiar in the field of leadership/organizational development; however, we emphasize the difference that lies in the goal of each competency.

Women of Influence

Meet Elizabeth, who now teaches what she has learned. “When I give this training to women, I see what they were and what they are now.”

What we learned from Chandra

Chandra needed help developing Christ-centered leaders critical for the house churches he planted.

His life changed dramatically

Meet Malick, when he first came, he did not think he could be a pastor.


Unlike conventional classroom training methods, Freedom to Lead International® uses proven tools like storytelling to teach relevant principles for leading a healthy community.

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