There is a leadership crisis.

A critical need exists in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places for competent Christ-centered men and women who can lead their ministries with compassion and effectiveness.

This training is for me.

When I joined the church my purpose was not to serve but to get money. Authority, glory, and respect was my motto but after I took the first four modules I dropped all this and started to serve God for his glory. As a leader, I now want to have a lasting influence on others.

– Pastor in Ethiopia

Vast areas of the world await men and women who lead their ministries with compassion and efficacy. We’re on a mission to fill this critical need for Christ-centered leaders.

The Need

What we do

Most leaders do NOT finish well. Only about 30% of today’s Christian leaders finish well.

We are fervently committed to raise community leaders and pastors who, freed from unhealthy power-centered leadership norms, lead as Jesus did. And excel in influencing grassroot church planters and local leaders, thus deeply impacting those around them with gospel truth and hope.

Where we work

Over 60% of the people in the world do NOT learn as people in the West have traditionally learned.

Unfortunately, though the church is often growing numerically in these Majority World settings, the stark reality is that there is extraordinarily little teaching available that is discipling people in the way Christ taught and led. Thus, in many areas of the world, we have a “growing” church that is a mile wide and an inch deep.

Using story to develop competent Christ-centered leaders for healthier communities.

The Impact

People growing together in harmony into mature, reproducing followers of Jesus to accelerate the gospel.

The real impact of our work is the lives of those who are changed through their competent Christ-centered leaders. Through these leaders, people learn by real example the magnificent leadership of Christ. By this, these people will make an impact on their friends and families, spreading the gospel of Christ throughout their whole community.

What have we achieved with the help of our supporters?


Countries are reached


Leaders reached through our program.


People are being influenced by the Christ-centered leader of our program.

Freedom to lead has reached 12,500 people to be competent Christ-centered leaders who deeply impact those around them with gospel truth and hope. We do not generally track success through numbers—which can be inaccurate, easily manipulated, and insufficient to measure the reality or the depth of transformation—but there are many stories of how this leadership training has changed lives, sparked new church plants, and more.

Meet their stories

Some of our leaders that have been empowered by our program…

Women of Influence

Meet Elizabeth, who now teaches what she has learned. “When I give this training to women, I see what they were and what they are now.”


His life changed dramatically

Meet Malick, when he first came, he did not think he could be a pastor.


Invest in leaders who are investing in other leaders in places of great need.

Tens of thousands of leaders in hard-to-reach places still need assistance

The excitement is spreading.

Freedom to Lead International® is receiving many requests from around the world. More people have become key partners because of our effective role in cultivating competent Christ-centered leaders and our efficiency in using their dollars wisely. They believe in what we are doing and how the work is accomplished. They have vetted our people, organization, and operation and have responded with generous gifts to support the work.

Will you, too?