The Impact of Images

Freedom to Lead International® (FTL) uses culture-specific images, objects, and sketches that reinforce learning about Christ-centered leadership. In this post, one of the participants shares with FTL the impact of these images in his own life and ministry.

Video Transcript

(English translation)

Rice Field

Well, of all the modules we have gone through – I remember the one that spoke of the field from which I learned patience. And often as-as I said from the beginning, I’m very sanguine, I like to rush things and get results as soon as possible. But with this module I learned how to prepare people like a field – to sow the seed, to maintain and nurture it until the harvest. It can be a long process. — Often when someone comes to church or has just accepted the Lord, I have learned that I should be patient and work alongside the person until the person reaches maturity.

Water Pump

I also remember learning from the image of the water pump, and that we should not use people like water pumps, like machines, to get results – to simply throw them away when they do not produce results; but we should really walk aside people -even if they do not give the results right away – because the person is more important than what he is called to do. So we have to consider them and walk alongside them.

The Blacksmith

I also learned about leadership from the image of the blacksmith, because for the blacksmith to succeed in making a tool, there are stages; it must be heated, it must be molded to give shape, and it must cool — change really takes a lot of time, energy and it costs.

I really learned a lot.

Until today by the grace of God I remember well I was talking with the pastor – Dr. Rick and I had a problem in my church, because I gave the pulpit to one of the elders, and when he came and preached, he mixed things up – he wasn’t clear. So I was very frustrated; but having an interview with Dr. Rick, he advised me to accompany him, to reform him again and to accompany him. And even today, even last Sunday, he preached. After each sermon I make a few remarks and he is getting better and people are starting to appreciate his preaching.

And thanks to this training, I am learning another kind of leadership and it is building me in my ministry.

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