Summer Blog Series

2020 Vision Statement

Several months ago, the team at Freedom to Lead gathered together to think strategically about the future. One of the things that came out of our meetings was a Vision Statement for the next five years. Over the last few weeks, this Vision Statement has been unveiled for partners, friends, and supporters.

This Vision Statement reads,

The 2020 Vision of Freedom to Lead is that in five years we will see 5000 storycentric leaders in 25 under-resourced countries being transformed into competent Christ-centered leaders.”

This summer on the Freedom to Lead blog we are going to unpack this Vision Statement piece by piece to reveal our hearts and intentions behind it. Each word has been chosen carefully and prayerfully.

For example, the next blog post will discuss what we mean by “freedom.” Freedom from what? Another blog post will describe where we get our numbers like “five” and “5000”  and “25” (spoiler alert: these numbers did not randomly fall into our laps). The word “storycentric” will be further examined. We will then explore what we mean by “under-resourced” as well as the implications of “being transformed.” Finally, we will look at what we believe takes for a growing leader to be “competent” and how “Christ-centered leaders” are different from other types of leaders.

We hope that you will join us this summer. We also invite you to dialogue with us.

We believe that God is doing a great work and will continue to do a great work. We dare to imagine how Freedom to Lead will take part in this and we are excited for what’s ahead.

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