The Sleepy Invasion

The Stage was set.

God was about to make His move, to enter time.
Would He come with mighty wonders and signs? Would He light the skies as far as one could see? Would angels shout His arrival with trumpets and drums? Would the whole earth rock from the impact of his landing?

The Great Sustainer, by whom and through whom and for whom are all things. The Almighty who is more powerful than any army. The One who holds in His hand all life. The moment came for His invasion.

And the only sound we hear is the gentle breathing of a sleeping baby.

While most everyone’s attention was on Governor Quirinius’ census, few noticed the birth of all births lying in a cattle trough behind a hotel in Bethlehem. In the words of Martin Luther, “He whom the world could not enwrap / yonder lies in Mary’s lap.”

The baby in Mary’s lap reminds us that Truth and Virtue are not determined by the amplified voices, the powerful, or the majority. Only through God’s gracious self-disclosure through His Son who came to live among us can we know the Way and the Life that sets us free.

On behalf of the staff at Freedom to Lead International, may you experience a Christ-filled Christmas and a blessed year ahead.

Rick Sessoms
President, Freedom to Lead International

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