Interview with Yariwe in Bamako, Mali

New Music Monday

A Water Pump or Rice Field?

We regularly hear about the impact of songs through New Music Monday (NMM) posts. However, what about the impact of the symbols used in Freedom To Lead’s innovative curriculum? In today’s video, Yariwe, a young Bambara pastor (and musician) talks about why he is so excited to see The Garden Project curriculum come to Mali. Yariwe talks specifically about the contrasting images of a rice field and a water pump. For this reason, featured here is the following song, “A Water Pump or Rice Field?” This song is recorded by Yariwe and the rest of the Bambara music team as the background music.

We hope you can begin to see the significance of The Garden Project curriculum. The goal of this curriculum is for the training of leaders with wildly varying degrees of literacy in the underresourced world. We at FTL count it a great privilege to be able to make this contribution to the ministry of Christ’s Church.

The Garden Project curriculum is designed for storycentric learners and is experienced through story, symbol and song. The beauty of this approach is that leaders can develop critical leadership competencies regardless of their level of literacy.

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