How do we define leadership development?

Leadership development. It’s become something of a fad. Today organizations love to talk about it. If a church or ministry offers a “leadership development” program, then they feel like they’re well on their way.

How do we define leadership development?

More specifically, what are the elements that are needed to see a leader “developed”? What works, and what doesn’t?

Freedom to Lead International® is all about seeing leaders developed. We are deeply committed to cultivate leaders so that they can be all God wants them to be. The cultivation process involves using whatever tools work. In our case, the effective tools are story, symbol, and song. However, if we ever find that those tools do not work, then we’ll try something different. But when all is said and done, we are primarily about leadership development.

Over the next several weeks we’ll look into the foundational principles of leadership development. Based on research and a whole lot of trial and error working with leaders around the world, we’ll describe how we see it.

I hope you will join the conversation.

What about you?

How does your area of work define “leadership development”?

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