Freedom From What?

For the FTL Summer Blog Series, we are unpacking our Vision Statement for the next five years. Today, we look at the “Freedom to Lead” part.

  • Where do we get this idea?
  • Why do we choose this as the name of our organization?

In John 8:36 Jesus said,

So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

We believe the freedom he was offering was not just about eternity, but this freedom is a reality in this present lifetime, as lived out in our lives, in our ministries, and in our leadership. This kind of freedom sets leaders free to be all that they can be for Christ.

Defining Freedom

Usually when we talk about freedom we talk about being free from something.

  • tyranny.
  • sin.
  • slavery.
  • even our own bad attitudes and behaviors.

Freedom to Something

However, it can also be towards something as well. If we walk towards the freedom we have in Christ, we can be unleashed for many great things.

Perhaps you:

  • are the first Christian in your village and you want to start a church, but you don’t know how. 
  • don’t read. Or maybe you can, but it just doesn’t do anything for you.
  • don’t speak English and every single leadership book you can get your hands on is in English. 
  • conceptual ideas and charts and cultural implications have confused you completely. 
  • are isolated, living in a village far away from the city and you have no access to resources or training or Bible school.
  • are a young person trying to lead an older crowd that hasn’t quite learned to respect you yet.
  • are a woman trying to bring people together in a church ministry setting when others are telling you that you can’t, simply because you are a woman.
  • were born in a certain social system and aren’t sure how to inspire your local church to give from their resources to help grow the ministry.
  • have a very strong personality that has a tendency to step or toes, or perhaps you have a more reserved demeanor which means people don’t take you seriously. Or maybe you are dealing with issues from the way you were raised which, if disclosed, could have a major impact on the way you interact with people.
  • have failed in ministry before and are terrified to try again.

Perhaps you are a combination of a lot of these things.

You need freedom to lead. Be unleashed.

This notion of “freedom” isn’t a self-help seminar. Nor is this a rally call to shout from the rooftop “I believe in myself! I am strong and I’ve got this!” We don’t wave our flags of freedom in battle to the sound of drums. Instead, this is about having a renewed encounter with the living Christ that empowers leaders to be all that God intends them to be.

We offer the people we work with the Freedom to Lead. It’s a gift that people already have access to in Christ. We are committed to give under-resourced people the resources to lead their communities well. We help these growing leaders tap into their God-given potential.

That’s “Freedom to Lead.”

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