Being Set Free to Lead

In the past month or so, we’ve shown a few snapshots of what Freedom To Lead International® is about.

This week we are inviting you to participate.

There are many reasons why people may not feel able to lead their churches and communities. Maybe their cultures say they are not qualified. Maybe they can’t lead because some painful experience in the past causes them to shy away from taking on leadership roles. Freedom to Lead International sets out to do just what the name implies. We speak into those issues and cultivate in people a “freedom to lead.”

Here are three reasons FTL is a good investment.

1. Men and women are being set free from dominant ways of learning.

Literacy-based learning, for example, is appropriate for many people around the world, but it doesn’t have to be a prerequisite for everyone who aspires to be a competent Christ-centered leader. Neither does an academic or seminary degree. The beauty of FTL’s approach is that men and women are able to develop critical leadership competencies regardless of their learning style or level of education.

2. People are being set free from cultural expectations that clash with the leadership model of Jesus.

Leaders don’t need to belong to a privileged class or to buy into the success-driven fantasy in order to lead well. Women are able to learn how to be agents of influence in cultures that say they cannot take on traditional leadership roles. Socioeconomic conditions do not have to be barriers either. Power and position are no longer the exclusive tickets to leadership. Jesus’ example of leadership is the gold standard, and He challenges conventional leadership cultures the world over.

3. People are being set free from personal experiences in the past that keep them from reaching their highest potential.

Most leaders bear scars from personal pain. But these past experiences don’t have to hinder us from being effective leaders in the present and future. God’s healing grace is available to leaders who receive it.


Will you help us invest in these men and women around the world?
Will you help us in this mission to see people set free to lead their churches and communities?

This blog post is part of an end-of-year series that invites you to “go beyond” and be part of the work that God is doing around the world with Freedom to Lead International.


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