Abigails in Ethiopia – Agents of Reconciliation

Violence is dividing the Ethiopian people, but a cohort of Christian leaders is resolved to walk Abigail’s path to peace.

Many Ethiopian people in East Africa are desperate. Demonstrations are fueled by widespread discontent over the declining quality of life throughout the country. Leaders of the opposition party have recently been arrested, leading to increased unrest. Electricity, water systems, and infrastructure are collapsing, and daily life has become difficult for many.

Within the mayhem, a group of Christian leaders want to be agents of reconciliation. They are embracing Abigail’s example to avoid further bloodshed among their countrymen.

Abigail the Peacemaker

Abigail was a peacemaker in ancient times. According to the Bible’s Old Testament, she was Nabal’s wife. After protecting Nabal’s property, the warrior David requested assistance from Nabal . But Nabal was both arrogant and stupid; he refused David’s request. David was ticked, so he determined to seek revenge on Nabal.

Abigail intervened. Although this wasn’t her fight, she appealed to David, offered him gifts, and solicited mercy on behalf of her daft husband. Her proactive step was uncharacteristic for a wife in her time, but David was appeased, and bloodshed was averted. Her wisdom (and beauty) convinced David and his servants not to attack.

As the violence continues in Ethiopia among opposing political parties, these Christian leaders believe – like Abigail – that they are responsible to represent Christ as agents of reconciliation. Rather than taking sides, they want to promote peaceful solutions.

Please remember them in your prayers as they represent their Prince of Peace in 2017.

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