Four Years, Eight Modules. What is Freedom to Lead International doing that is really so unique? 

Spiritual Leadership This post is part of a series on Spiritual Leadership. When FTL went into South Asia for the first time in 2010 we knew we were committing to a specific group of church and ministry leaders for the long haul.  And they were committing to us.  Although our initial commitment was a four-year program that would feature eight leadership development modules and one-on-one mentoring, we really didn’t know just how much God would stretch and mold and use us for His purposes.  We heard the calling and had the vision.  We even had what we thought was a clear strategy for Phase 1 of this ministry.  We set out to make a dent on the world.  But I don’t think any of us really expected the impact it would have, both on our lives personally and in the way we look at Christ-centered leadership.

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