A Sample of Culture Specific Song

Freedom to Lead International® collaborates with indigenous musicians to produce original songs in local languages that enhance learning about Christ-centered leadership.

Song Group Malinke

Pictured above is a Malinke language group from Mali, Francophone Africa.

Here are some samples of music that has been created and recorded in South Asia and Africa.

Conflict is Part of Lift - Part 1

Conflict is a normal part of life. This chant-like Tharu song from Nepal reminds leaders that conflict is not the exception event to be feared but rather a normal part of life that can be resolved in healthy ways. A good leader is prepared and equipped to mediate conflict for the benefit of all.

V1 tells the story of conflict resolution in the first century church from Acts 6 in which the leaders appoint an ethnically diverse team to ensure that Hebrew widows were not neglected.

V2 tells the story of conflict resolution from 1 Samuel 25 in which Abigail mediates the offense between her husband Nabal and David.

Note: I used the sound from the video camera for v1 and chorus and then switched to the sound (at 0:36) from the vocal mic that has been processed to fit the Tharu aesthetic. (I thought some of you might find this interesting). Thanks to all of you who give to support the Anthony’s work – including the purchase of good equipment!


Conflict is Part of Lift - Part 1b

Conflict is a normal part of life
It doesn’t have to produce pain or strife
Peacemakers learn to guide the church
to peace and to reconcile

So says the chorus of this Chhattisgarhi song. The verse tells the story of David and Abigail from the Bible. In the story Abigail mediates peace between an offended David and Abigail’s rude and insulting husband, Nabal.

This song is part of an innovative leadership development curriculum from Freedom to Lead International. The curriculum is designed for storycentric learners and is experienced through Story, Symbol and Song.

This song reminds leaders that conflict is normal and sometimes requires a mediator to reestablish peace.


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