Cultivating competent Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol and song to unleash their potential for impacting local communities with the whole gospel.

Cultivating competent Christ-centered leaders . . .

Jesus was one of the great leaders in all of recorded history. The principles He taught and modeled have impacted people and societies for two millennia.

Freedom to Lead International® (FTL) provides leadership training and mentoring to cultivate effective, faithful leaders based upon Jesus’ timeless example.

 . . . through story, symbol and song . . .

Eighty percent of the world’s people – more than five billion – are storycentric communicators.  Some of these people are non-literate; they have to rely on the spoken word.  A much larger number can read and write, yet they are storycentric because they prefer to swap stories, listen to music, watch videos, and talk to friends about their experiences.

FTL uses stories, images, drama, dance, and music to develop leaders for these storycentric populations in some of the most under-resourced areas of the world.

 . . . to unleash their potential for impacting local communities with the whole gospel.

Christ-centered leadership taught through story, symbol, and song empowers and releases storycentric leaders to demonstrate and proclaim the Good News. Transformed leaders transform others. Some of these leaders bring grace and peace to their communities, caring for spiritual needs and planting churches. Others begin orphanages and hospitals, caring for the fatherless and the sick. Some dig wells and establish health programs, preventing the spread of disease. Still others institute literacy and educational programs that connect societies to one another and the world.

The goal of Freedom to Lead International® is to assist storycentric leaders to be their very best in reflecting Jesus’ heart and hands to this needy generation.

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