The Church in North Africa and the Middle East is growing. We need your help!

The church in North Africa and the Middle East is growing, but access to Christ-centered mentoring, support, and leadership training is very limited.

This month, Freedom to Lead International® is launching a new network with 25 leaders from across this area of the world, and we need your help.

Ahmed’s Story

Ahmed* is a ministry leader from North Africa who was once trained to kidnap, torture, and execute Christians. But God wonderfully transformed him. By God’s grace, Ahmed is now leading a large network of Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) who are reaching thousands of other Muslims for Christ. While experiencing the module this week on Leadership for a Healthy Ministry, Ahmed said,

MBBs have been converted, baptized, discipled, and educated in the Bible, but it is now time for us to LEAD the church into the next generation.”

*not his real name

Mohammed’s Story

It was only two years ago that Mohammed* was a radical ISIS mujahidin (guerilla fighter). When he was saved to a life in Christ, he hated what Islam had led him to believe, so much so that he wanted to strap a bomb to his chest and detonate it in a mosque. But his brother in Christ told him “NO! Jesus is the God of Life, not death.” Today Mohammed is participating in Freedom to Lead’s program. This experience is helping him and others like him learn what it means to be a Christ-centered leader in their areas of influence.

*not his real name