Freedom to Lead Birds

Why are there birds in your logo?

During migration, many birds fly in this formation.

The bird at the point absorbs much of the wind resistance. The primary role of the lead bird is to serve the others so that all can keep momentum over a longer distance.

We believe these birds are a great image for leadership. Good leadership is not about being in the honored position to be served. Rather, it is about leading to serve others.

This is what Jesus taught and modeled when He came “not to be served, but to serve.”

How does this relate to Freedom to Lead International®?

People everywhere are eager to follow leaders who serve others effectively with compassion and integrity.

But often leaders are:

  • limited by a lack of relevant leadership development.
  • tethered to unhealthy leadership models, and
  • imprisoned by personal fear and insecurity.

Freedom to Lead International® (FTL) unleashes leaders through:

  • providing relevant methods of leadership development.
  • encouraging leaders with healthy leadership models, and
  • unleashing leaders to serve others selflessly.
Freedom to Lead Globe

What about the globe in your logo?

The unfinished globe represents the portion of the world that has not yet been reached with the Good News of Christ. The vast majority of these people convey their history, values, and traditions through storytelling and interaction. They learn best and are most influenced through stories, pictures, drama, dance, and music.

And most of the leaders in these storycentric communities have never been developed.

The focus of FTL is to cultivate Christ-centered leaders who will impact these storycentric communities with the whole gospel.

What’s in a Name? September 12, 2016