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My Journey Toward Understanding Leadership Development

Author: Rick Sessoms

For years I questioned whether our efforts to develop better leaders actually work. With all the resources invested in leadership development – ten billion dollars is reportedly spent each year on LD in America alone – I wanted to know if all this investment of time, energy, and money is paying off. Furthermore, I wanted to know what kind of leadership development – if any – is effective. This article uses both research and experience to provides insights.

Impact of Leadership Development Experiences in a Transnational Organization

Author: Rick Sessoms

This research evaluates the impact of five types of leadership development practices on ratings of leaders within a trans-national organization. Impact was assessed with 360-degree ratings of leadership behaviors.  Results showed that self and superior ratings of leadership behaviors were higher for leaders who had completed at least one form of leadership development while follower ratings were higher only for those leaders who had completed a developmental job assignment. Practical and theoretical implications raise questions about the usefulness of leadership development programs.

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The Lausanne Conversation on Forming Leaders

This global conversation on forming leaders is designed to highlight and identify key issues facing Christian leaders today. Central to the discussion are Christ-centered leadership and effective approaches to leadership development.

Leadership Development April 11, 2012