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Every Thursday we send out a prayer email with one prayer request that we ask people to lift up. These are usually time sensitive and is a more specific way you can be praying. If you would like to be part of this important team, then please sign up below.

November 2018

We Are Thankful For You

We are thankful that you joined us last month for FTL’s Month of Focused Prayer. Thank you for investing time every day to lift up the various aspects of Freedom to Lead. Thank you for continuing to bring these requests before the throne of God.

November Travel

Please be in prayer as the busy international travel season is upon us. We are overjoyed with the way God is working around the world through the ministry of Freedom to Lead as we deliver The Garden Project in places that need it the most.

This month we will be in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zambia. 

In Kenya we will be working with a network that does church planting and evangelism throughout ten countries in East Africa. We will be facilitating our second module with them on Leading Change.

In Ethiopia we will be launching a brand new cohort with leaders throughout the region. With this new group we will be facilitating Leadership for a Healthy Church.

The last week of November will find us in Zambia. This is also a brand new initiative with Nazarene leaders throughout the eastern and southern regions of Africa (their counterparts in the western and central parts of Africa will be launching in Senegal in the spring of 2019). The Nazarenes have a presence in 34 countries throughout the continent of Africa. With this group of men and women we will be beginning with Leadership for a Healthy Church.

Vision Events

We have begun a a series of Freedom to Lead Vision Events to help generate an awareness of what’s God is doing with Freedom to Lead around the world. Please continue to pray as people come to these events that they will be open to how God is leading them as they consider playing a role in this global ministry.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Orality Institute of Leadership

Please pray for our colleagues in South Asia (India and Nepal) as they launch an “Orality Institute of Leadership” (OIL) this year. This accredited degree program will be the first of its kind to offer the entire curriculum using storycentric methods. The Garden Project – FTL’s leadership development program – will serve as the core content. One key leader of this initiative described the goal for their prospective program participants when he wrote, “The participants will be equipped with both knowledge and experience to lead effectively. They will work in mentoring relationships alongside church planters, pastors, missionaries, and leaders of storycentric communities. They will gain unique understanding into sharing their faith, making disciples, planting churches, and developing other leaders.”


Other Initiatives for 2019

Please pray for the FTL team as we discuss and plan for the growing number of requests for FTL’s ministry. We need discernment and faith to expand the ministry’s infrastructure so that FTL can provide The Garden Project to thousands of under-resourced storycentric communicators.


Funding and Support Raising

FTL Staff are required to raise their own personal financial support, which includes salary and ministry expenses. Please pray for each member of our team as we continue to make relationships with potential people who want to financially partner with us in this ministry. We also are working hard to raise the funds needed to carry out our ministry operations as well as for our projects throughout Asia and Africa. Please pray for favor with individuals, major donors, and foundations.

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