The Freedom to Lead Message

Cultivating competent, Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash their potential for impacting local communities with the whole gospel.

Leaders – good ones and bad ones – make a difference in everyone’s life. That’s why FTL exists; we believe people benefit when competent, Christ-centered leaders unleash the full potential of the Gospel within their local communities. FTL cultivates this kind of Christ-centered leader.

People that communicate and learn best through stories, images, and music need their own leaders.

Freedom to Lead International® believes now is the time to develop leaders in these societies – this is a new frontier. FTL provides an innovative program to help storycentric leaders follow Jesus’ way of leading.

By developing these Christ-centered leaders, FTL is contributing to one of the most exciting Christian movements of our time.

Freedom to Lead International®  is a non-profit, faith-based organization that specializes in storycentric communication, the use of images, stories, drama, and music to develop leaders among under-resourced communities around the world.

Who We Are March 23, 2012