Through the Eyes of Indigenous Leaders (Video)

When FTL began nine years ago, we did not imagine all that is happening in this ministry today. God is doing something through The Garden Project that is beyond our capacity or even our predictions. And we are grateful to be part of the tapestry He is weaving. But as I write these words on a long-haul flight from Istanbul to Atlanta, I am reminded by the passengers around me that we have hardly scratched the surface. Most of my fellow travelers appear to be from the Middle East. Their clothing and head coverings represent billions of people who have not yet experienced Jesus’ forgiveness and love. The task of cultivating leaders to reach people and communities is monumental. 

Thank you for being part of FTL’s journey as we continue to follow God on His new paths into the unknown.

To view a video that highlights the impact of the FTL program through the eyes of indigenous leaders, click the video below. In this video highly regarded Christian leaders in India, East Africa, and French-Speaking Africa tell of the methods and impact of “The Garden Project” curriculum from Freedom to Lead International.


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