What leader has had a great impact upon you?

Leaders – both good ones and bad ones – make a difference in everyone’s life.



“Leaders have been responsible for liberating breakthroughs in public affairs, commerce, and the arts. But they have been responsible as well for failed states, failed enterprises, extravagant follies, and horrible crimes. For better or worse, leaders and leadership matter.”
(Thomas Cronin, Michael Genovese, Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox)

CEOs representing 150 ministry organizations believe leadership development is by far the greatest perceived need  for innovation.”
(Missio Nexus CEO Survey, 2013)

There has been a lack of leadership development in storycentric communities around the world

  • 80% of all the world’s people – including 70% of Americans – are storycentric learners.
  • more than 90% of Christian workers still use a literacy-based approach to communicate.


Freedom to Lead International® is reaching:

  • rural pastors leading churches along the Pakistan border
  • interior leaders of several Francophone African countries
  • leaders in remote regions throughout East Africa
  • influencers among persecuted believers in northern India and Nepal


Cultivating competent, Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash their potential for impacting local communities with the whole gospel.”

Our commitment is to impact some of the most under-resourced people of the world with leadership development.

Freedom to Lead International® teaches Christ-centered leadership primarily through stories, images & music to develop leaders in storycentric communities in some of the most under-resourced areas of the world.

How do we provide the leadership that is so crucial for these new believers and their churches?

The Garden Project

Over 2-4 years, participants are led through the following eight leadership development modules:

  1. Leadership for a Healthy Church
  2. Strategic Leadership
  3. Mentoring
  4. Leading Change
  5. Peacemaking
  6. Spiritual Leadership
  7. Leading Teams
  8. Stewardship and Sustainability


East Africa Module 1

We believe people greatly benefit when competent, Christ-centered leaders unleash the full potential of the gospel within their local communities.


Leaders in hard-to-reach places that have never been helped before are being equipped.


Participants are being sent out to teach The Garden Project to grassroots leaders.


Competent, Christ-centered leaders are being developed to sustain and extend the church planting movement.


By developing storycentric leaders, Freedom to Lead International® is contributing to one of the most exciting Christian movements of our time.


Freedom to Lead International® is supported by people like you who want to see the multiplication of healthy churches, that are led by Christ-centered leaders among storycentric communities around the world.

About Freedom to Lead International March 27, 2017