This month (starting October 6) Freedom to Lead International® will be back in India and Nepal! During our time there we will be doing various events throughout the region, culminating October 22-24 with our final leadership development module on Spiritual Leadership.  This module will complete Phase 1 of our ministry in India and Nepal.  We anticipate great things as we go from this place. The Story is not finished yet.

On this blog between now and October 31 we will be highlighting various aspects of Spiritual Leadership, and we invite you to be part of the conversation.  At the end of each post will be a short prayer request for the FTL team that is there.

Topics on the blog will include:

Put a bookmark here and come join us as we begin dialoguing about what this Spiritual Leadership thing is really all about, and how we can use Story to carry it forward – all while remembering our team as they are on the ground in India and Nepal.

Invite friends along on the ride!

Here is a fun short 1-minute trailer that captures some of what we will be about.

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